Sustainable Halloween - Decorations Edition

We know what you’re thinking: these are all decorations for kids… but are they? We’ve used a few of these tutorials over the weekend and it was just so much fun to get creative over a cup of mulled wine and pumpkin soup. (Did you know that food waste is also a big part of the Halloween tradition, unfortunately. This year, try to make the most of your pumpkins, even if they are not edible! Here are some ideas)

Here are our personal favourites, and we’ll also give you a few links where you can find more! You can keep these decorations for years to come and chances are you probably already have most of these materials at home.


A lovely (slightly scary) decoration for your door or window. Kids will love them! You can find the tutorial HERE



If you don’t have ping-pong balls and microfiber sponges lying around you’re likely to find some in the local pound shop for  less than a fiver. They look really cute, and can be used again year after year - or, of course - put into use for cleaning after Halloween! 

You can find the tutorial HERE

DIY Toilet Paper Roll Bats


By far our favourites, these are just too much fun! Great activity for grown-ups too!  We painted the eyes instead of applying them to make sure to buy even less and then used sewing thread to hang them up everywhere! 

You can find the tutorial HERE

Yarn, sticks, & spider webs


Super fun to do after a walk in the park - and it feels like a real artwork. We used kitchen thread instead of yarn and it looked just as good! If you don’t have any fake spiders lying around at home, get creative and use what you have or just leave the spider web spider-less (that might be less uncomfortable if you have a bit of a spider-phobia too…)

You can find the tutorial HERE

That’s us for the Halloween tips for this year! (Did you see our outfit suggestions too?) 

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share and what would you like us to talk about in our sustainability blog next time. Do you have any questions that you’ve always been too afraid to ask about sustainability practices? How does solid shampoo actually work? And what does biodegradable even mean? 

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Love, Team Unfolded