5 Minutes With Our CEO

So - you clicked the ad and you’re now here, reading about This is Unfolded and our mission to change the way the world makes and buys clothes! Welcome!

My name is Cally and I’m the CEO and one of the co-founders of This is Unfolded. For the best part of 10 years I’ve been trying to get big brands and retailers to change the way they make clothes and reduce the waste they created.

Why? Because fashion is the second biggest polluters in the world - and it really doesn't need to be

Due to their wasteful ways and desire to chase profit over anything else, retailers have created a system where 30% of the clothes they produce are never even sold - just think about all the energy and natural resources that goes into that,just to be wasted.It’s no wonder that fashion production creates more emissions than the UK, Germany and France put together…

I’ve spent years trying to get these companies to adopt new technologies to help them fix this problem, but after their resistance to change, we finally decided do it ourselves instead and just build a much better way to create and sell clothes - This is Unfolded.

This is Unfolded is an entirely new way to shop - we design clothes in collaboration with you, produce after you order and send your clothes directly from the factory to your doorstep!

This approach means we can remove the 30% of clothes never sold and make lots of savings in the process…

With the money saved we do 3 amazing things.

  1. We pay garment workers higher wages
  2. We fund children in education around our factories, as we know improving education has a huge impact on long term prospects
  3. We offer you sustainable and ethically made clothes at a great price point

Since we started in 2021 we’ve been joined by over 7,000 women who want to shop in a better way. We have funded over 2,000 children in education for the next 12 months and we have paid higher wages to nearly 400 workers!

This is just the start of our revolution and we’ve got big, big plans for the coming months.