A Few Good Pieces

Not Your usual January sale

At This is Unfolded we believe in second chances - and we like to do things differently! That’s why, instead of a the usual January sale, this January we’re giving you a chance to buy a limited number of items from our collections, to help reduce waste and to give you a last chance to get hold of some of the pieces you might have missed out on.

A Few Good Pieces is the very, very small amount of stock we have left from our collections, made up of top quality returns and extra stock we keep in case of any issues. It will only be on sale for a limited time and you will get your order within a matter of days - yes, Unfolded without the delivery times!

To account for any potential issues in logistics, and in some cases to cover fabric minimums, we create a couple of extra items for each piece within a collection. Now that Collection 03 is out in the world, we have a few, limited availability items of each piece up for sale. Some pieces may only have 1 or 2 sizes available - so be quick!  

This is Unfolded - without the wait

All stock is based in the UK and deliveries will be dispatched by Royal Mail in just a day or two - which means you’ll get them to your house pretty quickly

The prices are slightly higher this time, due to the cost of packing in the UK and additional taxation placed on us when we ship in this manner. But you get your clothes without the delivery wait!

Our top tips

These great pieces have been also super popular with our customers. Get them before they're gone!

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