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About us

The story about This is Unfolded starts with you

This isn’t some big company pretending to be a little bit better… this is the story of a group of people coming together to make a true positive impact, and it’s a story we want you to be a part of.

The clothing industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world. That is a fact that made us realise we needed to make a change.

The model for clothing production is totally broken. Brands are so desperate to sell you new clothes that they’ve created a system where 30% of new clothes are made, but never sold… 30%! That isn’t a typo - we’ve not accidentally added a 0!

30% of the clothes made in the world every year are never sold.

Many of these items end up getting dumped directly into landfill, as they are made from man made materials that can’t be recycled. When you consider that the average t-shirt takes a bunch of raw materials, labour and time to produce, this waste really is mind blowing. In resources, energy, effort - and just in general money!


Our team has been trying to address this problem for years.

We helped retail businesses make better decisions about the clothes they were making through our company Mallzee Insights. We did this by creating technology and using data to help big retailers and brands to understand consumer trends better. This way we helped ensure they only created the products that their shoppers would actually buy. By analysing the behaviour of 1.5M shoppers and over half a billion customer opinions, we could help reduce waste and make sure only the right clothes were made.

If we’re honest, it was a pretty damn smart system!

Unfortunately, there was one BIG problem - these traditional brands and retailers didn’t actually want to change. They have such high margins on their clothes (due to paying low worker wages - which we’ll come back to...) that they don’t actually have to change what they’re doing. It works for them… even if it’s awful for our planet and for the workers who make our clothes.

In 2020, as we faced the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, a lot of these brands cancelled massive orders they had placed with factories and refused to pay for the clothes that had already been produced. Over $2bn worth of clothes were left in limbo with factories unable to pay their workers wages - and an awful lot of products headed for landfill.

Our little team based in sunny Scotland saw this global crisis and decided we had to do something about it. In just 3 weeks we put together an initiative called Lost Stock. We sold clothes cancelled by leading brands directly to consumers as a ‘mystery box’ based on their size/age/colour preference. For every box sold we supported a garment worker and her family in Bangladesh for one week.


This gave us a big idea…

What if we could create an entirely new way of creating and selling clothes? One that was better for the planet, for shoppers and r for the workers who make our clothes?

This is Unfolded is that idea.

This is Unfolded uses data, in-depth feedback from our shopping community and a new factory to consumer approach to remove that 30% of product that is wasted by other companies.

In practise this means we involve customers in helping to design the products we put up for sale. And that we don’t make any clothes until they’ve been ordered.This means we create pieces that we know will sell, It also means it takes a bit longer for you to receive your clothes - but we promise you, we’re worth it. For you, for the environment and for the people who make your clothes!

This approach creates savings of around 30% (that number again) compared to the traditional model.

It’s still not perfect, and we’ll keep improving as we go - but it’s a lot better than making clothes that would just be sent to landfill.

We invest the savings created in paying higher worker wages, providing educational support to children around our factories and in providing great value and quality clothes- cause even if you love our story, you need to love our clothes as well.