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Our Creators

This is Unfolded turns the current retail model on its head, with the goal of reducing the vast amount of waste that occurs throughout the process.

The traditional approach of designing hundreds of different styles in the hope that a few of them sell does not work. 30% of clothing produced never even gets sold, and 50% gets discounted to lure shoppers into buying it, shifting the responsibility on the shopper. It’s not good for the consumer, or for the environment.

That’s not how we do things here.

Reducing waste starts with creating beautiful clothing that real people – not a brand’s buying team – actually want to buy. We do this by designing our collection with you, our shoppers. From the very start of our design process, we speak to our Creators about what you want to see. Our Creators give feedback on the styles, prints and materials, and ultimately shape the final collection we put in front of you. In fact, our clothes are even named after the Creators who helped to bring them to life. 

It’s a fun, tight knit community in which honesty is key, and all ideas are welcome.

If you’d be interested in joining This is Unfolded as a Creator to help us shape the future of the fashion industry, email us at