5 Reasons These Are The Best Summer Trousers Ever ✨

Our new Ivy Summer Trousers might end up being the best trousers you ever own - why?

They’re sustainable, create a positive impact in the world with every purchase and they’re kind to your pocket!

Discover why hundreds of women love them below.

5 Reasons These Are The Best Summer Trousers You’ll Ever Own 👏🏼

1. Over 4,000 women designed these trousers to be perfect - they picked a super light fabric, a leg length that’s ideal no matter your height and 2 colours that are ideal for warmer months!

2. They’re made after you order - meaning none are ever wasted! Did you know that 30% of new clothes are never sold? Or that this creates 2% of the world greenhouse gas emissions!

3. Every pair supports a kid to learn to read and write in India. Amazing clothes for you + positive impact in the world!

4. They’re super super comfy thanks to the elasticated waist.

5. They’re only £29… Due to removing the waste we can offer you amazing quality at great prices. These would cost £35 with a traditional brand!


"Ethical and transparent. The collections always have something that you can wear and feel good doing so! Have now ordered from four collections and have not been disappointed."

H Marshall, UK on Trustpilot

Join 20,000+ Other Women Shopping Unfolded

Our clothes are made to order - removing a huge amount of waste

Designed in collaboration
with our community

Pay higher wages to factory workers and fund children in education

Made with sustainable or recylced fabrics

IVy Trousers in Sand & Blue


Better for the planet

Better for Workers

Better for You

Bye bye fast fashion; hello clothes we'll treasure for the long term

"I’ve been a customer of This is Unfolded from the very beginning, as I absolutely love what they stand for in terms of sustainability and fair wages. I love being a part of their community to help create clothes we’ll really love and treasure for a very long time. We have a wait a little longer than usual for our orders, but it’s a small price to pay for knowing wasted stock isn’t heading straight to landfill. This is Unfolded has really changed the way I shop. No more fast fashion!"

Michelle, UK on Trustpilot

Ethical quality!

"I don’t write reviews, but I always check them, so that tells you how special I think Unfolded is! Ethical, and still cheaper. Brilliant designs and fab quality. Try it. 5 stars!!!"

Helene, UK on Trustpilot

This company ticks all the boxes

"I simply love the sustainable ethos as well as the clothes Unfolded make. The effort, service and quality is excellent, you feel like part of a community rather than simply a customer. I have bought from every collection, and they are improving design, choice and service all the time."

Cara, UK on Trustpilot

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