An industry no longer fit for purpose.

Here in the UK:


Fashion shopping is broken.

It's hugely damaging for our environment, treats garment workers unfairly, and often sees us buying products we don't need just for that instant gratification or discount buzz.

It's time to change. It's time to unfold this industry and create a new way to shop that positively impacts the world.

This is Unfolded is changing the way we shop to be better for society, better for the planet and better for you!

Our approach

With the help of real shoppers and leading trend data, we create curated collections of clothes...

These are then released for a limited edition and you pick three items from this collection to create an Edit. Each Edit costs £65 including delivery. 

We only start to make clothes once we have customer orders. This means that there is far less waste generated from clothes that aren't wanted and end up in landfill – this happens to around 30% of current high street products.

This saves money, and we use it to change lives. We do this by partnering with amazing organisations and making a positive impact. With Collection 01, we've partnered with Pratham and every purchase supports a child in education for 4 months. 

Workers are paid better because we work with top rated factories and also provide additional payments to workers through the Unfolded Worker Fund. 

Lives changed and products saved from ending up in landfill. It's feel-good shopping at its best!

Together, we're going to save millions of lives. Build your first Edit here.

How the models compare

Traditional retail model – the breakdown

This isn't fit for purpose. A huge proportion of each sale is wasted through over buying, and in turn discounting.

This is Unfolded – the breakdown

We're able to vastly reduce waste by buying clothes after you order, which is why each purchase delivers a positive impact – supporting a child in India for four months, as we as through our Unfolded Worker Fund.

Other benefits of shopping with us:

Carbon offset 

The carbon created by the transport of your order is offset.

A movement

Membership of an empowering community making real change – find out more about our community here.

Great value

We don't think sustainable clothing should cost more. By changing the model we price fairly, and still have a positive impact in the world. 


We know it's easy to talk a good game, and that's why we're committed to transparency. If you have a question, just ask us at or take part in one of our regular AMA sessions on Instagram.

We're not perfect

We know we still have much to do, and we're committed to doing it.

As we scale we'll work harder to do more for garment workers, for society, and for you. 

We're not going to be for everyone. Some people won't want to wait 4-6 weeks for their new clothes but that's okay. We know that if enough people like you come together to do something special, to try something new and challenge the way it's always been done, real change can be create.

Build your first Edit and start changing the world!

The numbers created for this model were created using industry standards and outline our best intentions and our targets as of 25/02/21. As with anything new though, this might change based on numerous factors.

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