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So you’ve clicked on an ad and you’ve ended up here - a lovely little page on our website to try and convince you to shop a different way...

Before you head back to scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, give us just 30 seconds of your time to teach you a little bit about our amazing new business, This is Unfolded and how we’ve started a revolution to make clothes that are good for you, the environment and the people who make them. We call them - Good Clothes!

We promise you’ll find it interesting and if you don’t… then it was only 30 seconds!


Good for the environment

The fashion industry is polluting and wasteful. Did you know that 30% of clothes that are made in the world are never sold? That isn't a typo - it is really 30% of clothes that are never sold.

This needs to change!

This is Unfolded is making fast fashion a thing of the past. How? We don’t make any clothes until they’ve been ordered, so we don't end up with unwanted items. We cut the waste in production, making sustainable and affordable clothes of great quality and ensure nothing get’s wasted or sent to landfill!

This approach saves huge amounts of natural resources and energy - meaning This is Unfolded is miles better for the planet than traditional fashion retailers.

Good for workers

The people who make the clothes are as important as the people who buy them. As we cut out unnecessary steps and cut down on waste, we invest the savings in paying higher wages to the workers who produce your clothes. Not only that, we also make sure we provide educational support to children in the communities where our factory workers live. That is an investment in a brighter future.

In just 5 months we have supported over 1300 children in education for the next 12 months. Good clothes for you, good wages for workers and…. Children learning to read and write to enjoy a good future!

Good for you

We also invest the savings we make in offering you a better deal. There should be some personal reward for you waiting longer as well, right? On every product you’ll see what an item of similar quality and design would cost from a traditional retailer compared to This is Unfolded.

To ensure a great designed piece, we’ve worked with real customers like you on every single item - over 1,000 customers have been involved in the process in the last 4 weeks! These customers pick the prints, the shapes and even the names of our items. You’ll see them on lot’s of the products modelling them too. For this collection, we brought five enthusiastic This is Unfolded fans together to do their own photoshoot - with fancy hair and make-up, and some fizz too...

Once you buy from This is Unfolded you get to join the group - and maybe it’ll be you fronting our next collection!

New! Our latest collection

Our third collection has just been released - and it’s by far our best yet! Stylish yet comfortable dresses (with pockets!), skirts that do double duty for days in the office and nights out, and cosy basics to snuggle up at home with. There's even a snug pair of pyjamas that was voted a shopper favourite...

Have a look Collection 03 and find out more about every piece - or just go back to Facebook or Instagram and keep on scrolling... We know we won’t be for everyone - but so far we’ve got nothing but 5 ⭐ reviews on Trustpilot, and 85% of our customers said they’ll be buying again in the next 3 months!

But hey there are more pictures of fun dogs on Facebook or Instagram…


COLLECTION 03 is now live

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