Collection 04 from This is Unfolded launches on the 9th of March at 7pm

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Shopping with This Is Unfolded is better

Join the pre-register list and get exclusive early access to Collection 04, behind the scenes sneak peeks and the chance to win £150 to spend on our our best collection ever, designed by over 1,500 women.


This is Unfolded clothes are just a little bit special, we design every item in colloboration with real women just like you - letting them select everything from the shapes to the prints. We then only make the clothes once you’ve ordered!


Because 30% of clothes made every year are never sold. Doing it this way, we ensure that we only make clothes that people actually want - helping our planet in the process. The money saved by only making what people buy is then invested in higher wages for workers, supporting children in education and better prices for you... it's kinda great.


Better for the planet, better for workers, better for society and better for you!