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Who designs your clothes? What if it was you?

With This is Unfolded, it can be!

Reducing waste starts with creating beautiful clothing that real people actually want to buy. We do this by designing our collection with you, our shoppers. Our Creators give feedback on the styles, prints and materials, and ultimately shape the final collection we put in front of you. A group of our creators joined us in Edinburgh to try our new A/W Collection and had their favourite piece named after them.

Meet the Linda

The Linda is the midi wrap skirt you've always looked for. Adjustable buttons on the waist, wrap shaped and midi length with a star pattern on a black base, the Linda is perfect with a jumper or a nice top for more formal occasions.

Linda's Take


"This is a really versatile skirt! You can wear it during the day with a jumper and in the evening with something like the top I'm wearing in the pictures, which is a vest top - great for both day and night! Because it's a wrap skirt I can play around with how I tie it, sometimes at the front, sometimes at the back, just to change the style.

The material is so soft to the touch and it's super comfy to wear because of the two buttons at the waist so that you can decided if you want it a bit looser or a bit tighter! This is defo going to be my outfit for our work Xmas night out."


Linda, 28, lives near London and works in the marketing industry

How can I get a piece Named after me?

We believe that by involving you, our customers, at every step in the process we can create a movement for real change and ensure we only make products that people just like you will really love. Join our community for a chance of having a piece named after you!

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