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Who designs your clothes? What if it was you?

With This is Unfolded, it can be!

Reducing waste starts with creating beautiful clothing that real people actually want to buy. We do this by designing our collection with you, our shoppers. Our Creators give feedback on the styles, prints and materials, and ultimately shape the final collection we put in front of you. A group of our creators joined us in Edinburgh to try our new A/W Collection and had their favourite piece named after them.

Meet the Sophie

The Sophie is a starred dress ready to make you (and everyone else) dream of a night sky. A buttoned through midi length dress with long sleeves, a removable belt and pockets, ideal for parties and nights out or dinners with friends. The starred pattern is on a black canvas, ready to make you shine just like a star.  

Sophie's Take

Normally I’m really a colour person, but I also love prints and stars. I spent a lot of time travelling around the world and I think it's just amazing that you can look up and see the same stars your loved ones see the same sky... maybe from a slightly different angle! Also a little bit witchy and Christmassy!

This dress is such a lovely fit! While I have quite a large bust, it doesn't gape at all over the top, it comes nicely over the waist and it skims out at the bottom, so it is just a lovely relaxed fit that makes you feel sexy without being too much. It is such a lovely dress that I wouldn't style it too much! I wore it with boots but I think it would look great with trainers as well, some simple silver jewellery and minimal makeup!

Sophie, 32, lives on the East coast of Scotland and works in supply chain management

How can I get a piece NAMED after me?

We believe that by involving you, our customers, at every step in the process we can create a movement for real change and ensure we only make products that people just like you will really love. Join our community for a chance of having a piece named after you!

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