Discounting is a symptom of a broken retail industry, discounting is a sign that brands and retailers haven’t got it right with the products they’ve bought and that means someone, somewhere will be paying the price. 

This has become a destructive phenomenon common for almost all retailers. As shoppers become conditioned to wait for the next big price cut, retailers slash prices repeatedly across the year, with some fast fashion retailers offering discounts of 70 or 80%. Or occasionally 99% but the less said about that the better...

This strategy of buying, and then offering huge reductions, is a problem within the industry – it has contributed to the throwaway culture, and isn’t something that we want to do. It also means that the prices being paid to factories are continually squeezed for the need to have margin to discount from. 

We need to change this.

We offer great value without discounting. We’re able to do this as we’re demand-led which means we don’t end up with lots of excess stock at the end of a season or when we’ve guessed wrong on how popular something will be.  Plus, we vow that nothing returned to us will be sent to landfill by us, and instead we will sell off any returned items individually at certain points in the year or use the items to do good for others.  

On occasion we’ll offer a small discount to our Community for their input on decisions or on collections but please don’t count on it.