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Doing good


When you buy with This is Unfolded, you’ll be doing good

Good for society


Because for every Edit bought on This is Unfolded, we donate to our NGO partner, Pratham, and every sale supports a child’s education in India for 5 months.


Pratham reaches millions of children each year across 21 states in India, providing support from basic literacy and arithmetic skills to secondary education and vocational training. They work in schools and communities to support children, allowing them to learn the fundamentals before moving onto the next level.


This is incredibly important, as despite strong school enrolment levels in India, various factors including poor attendance and oversized classes mean of the 26 million children who enter first grade each year, half of them will not be able to read or write by fifth grade. 


Once children are ‘left behind’ that can be their chance of literacy within their lifetime – over. 


Pratham helps make sure less children are left behind.


*Video* - - can we use this - comes from Pratham USA on Youtube. 


The Learning Camps


By grouping children according to their learning ability they incorporate listening, speaking, reading and writing into activity-based lessons. Using locally trained people and locally sourced materials, Pratham delivers these camps in 12 different languages across the country. By carrying out learning camps and by involving parents, teachers, local volunteers and the government, they ensure that children are not only in school but are learning well. 


The future is brighter – after 6-8 weeks of Pratham’s support, nearly 80% of children become readers and are able to confidently do basic arithmetic standing them in good stead for future education. 


Here’s how children like Nancy are being supported by learning camps  - 

*Carousel of imagery from learning camps*

Good for the environment

We also work to do good in the environment. 


We don’t label ourselves a ‘Sustainable Brand’ – we recognise that the retail industry will never be 100% sustainable. Reducing our impact is a work in progress and not an end destination, and currently, there are a number of things we do to minimise our impact. 


Each order has the carbon generated in the logistics process offset. We also use compostable bags for our packaging and in the future we’ll look to use paper packaging as it’s easier to recycle. 


At the moment, all of our cotton products use BCI cotton. BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future. With scale, we can look to source sustainable fabrics at a better price, and by the end of 2021 all our products will be made from eco-materials as well. 


At the core of our mission at This is Unfolded does for the environment is the work we do to reduce over production. By placing orders based on demand, this means we’re not producing whole lines of clothing that we won’t be able to sell. Overproduction is one of the biggest sources of waste in the industry, leading to mass discounting and huge amounts of clothes going to landfill. We knew it was something we had to tackle. 


We know that there’s more we can do, so we’ll be working hard to improve as we scale up our business. We’ll keep you updated as we work on improving our practices wherever we can.