Our Clothes

All clothes have a story. Ours tell a positive story; a world-changing one. For every item we create, we use industry-leading data, decades of experience and opinions from hundreds of people just like you in the design process. We work through all the details of a product, making it versatile, lasting multiple seasons and most importantly - wearable by you. We listen to feedback, we

And we want to share the story of all our favourite clothes from current and past collections. We believe that knowing more about how we’ve designed and created an item makes the process more transparent, more engaging and more sustainable. That's why we include our community of customers, all the way from the first sketch all the way through to the final product.

Read the story of some of our favourite items below, or explore all the clothes in our new collection now.

The Becky - Collection 03

Okay - so what does the perfect autumn dress have? Long sleeves? Deep pockets? A removable belt? And the feeling you’ve done some serious good by buying it?

The Becky provides all of this and so much more. She’s a navy long sleeve button through midi-dress with removable belt, fitted waist and button sleeves. Perfect as an everyday outfit with trainers or with high heels for the evening.  

"The length of this dress is perfect for dressing it up to down, the feel of it is so soft, so comfortable so that you can easily wear it during the day. It has such a flattering cut, with a wee tie waist and amazing pockets! The pockets are actually the best thing ever! The sleeves are easy to roll up and although it's navy, it's blue enough that you can wear it with black boots and a black jacket. Bonus: the long length means no fake tan!"

- Becky, 29, Unfolded Creator and all round great person

The Martha OVErsized shirt - Collection 02

A wardrobe staple – the Martha is the oversized shirt you've been dreaming of. The drop shoulder gives it a slouchy fit that goes perfectly with denim for a casual look or can be paired with heels and a slim leg trouser for a smart casual outfit. Plus, it donates a month of educational support to a child in India.

"I really do like this - it can be worn with lots of things!"

- Martha, Unfolded Creator and wearer of lots of things

The CHARLOTTE BLOUSE - Collection 02

The Charlotte is making your dreams of achieving that boho chic look come true. It's on the sheer side which allows you to style it to your taste. It has an oversized fit, with tassel and button details giving it a little something extra.

""This is my fave. It will look so nice with a pair of jeans and wedges for a smart-casual beer garden vibe, but also incredible with shorts and sandals and chunky jewellery for a boho vibe! I also think this blouse is really versatile for all ages – my mum wears this style of top with either straight jeans and sandals or linen trousers!"

- Charlotte, Unfolded Creator and beer garden enthusiast


We design our our pieces in collaboration with our community of shoppers, our team and our factory partners. From the early stages of sketches and ideas to the final finishing touches - we are getting input from our customers at every step of the way.

"Finding the right clothes that people will love, wear and wear again, while knowing that they've done good things with their shopping - that is the main motivation."

- Anisha, buyer, model and product guru at This is Unfolded