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High street Price

The typical price you pay with other brands and retailers has a huge amount of profit margin built into it to take into account the mass amounts of products produced that aren’t sold, the sky high return rates that most modern brands face and a chunky margin for retailers.

At This is Unfolded we use technology, community and a factory to consumer model to not just make clothes that are better for our environment, for workers but also deliver you great quality at a good price.


The high street model

The high street brand model would see a 5-6x markup on every item. Meaning that a £50 dress would cost them £10 to make - which includes worker wages and the material.

Many of them have to charge this just to have a small level of profit as their models are so full of waste it’s the only way they’ll survive!


The Unfolded model

We’re able to operate a 3-3.8x markup model - this allows us to pay all relevant taxes, fund the Unfolded Worker Fund, support children in education in Pratham, cover all logistics costs and then pay our staff and fund our growth.

And you get a great product for a great price. Clothes that do good, feel good and make a difference!



The result

You get the same quality dress, for less than the high street price but know your purchase has funded higher worker wages, has been better for the environment and has helped support children in education…


All you have to do is wait a little bit longer for delivery!



PS: Why don’t you just charge the high street price?

We believe that to drive change we need to offer an alternative to the traditional brands/retailers that is actually better and affordable too. So we use the savings to make an impact and to reduce the price so that we can make sure a better way of shopping is available to more people.


Dynamic & Demand-Based Pricing

We’re strong believers that the whole fashion retail model is broken. When you consider that 30% of clothes end up in landfill, how could you not?

That’s why we’re not afraid of doing things differently with This is Unfolded. Our Dynamic Pricing is certainly a little bit different… it puts the prices of our clothes up while the collection is live.

Okay… don’t just click off the page! Stay and hear us out!


Why charge less for early orders?

The sooner we receive orders the sooner we can start production, the sooner we can deliver to This is Unfolded shoppers and the sooner we can distribute the funds we raise for garment workers and their families.

So early orders really help our whole approach and fashion revolution!

In our first two collections we saw a lot of people buy at the start and then a lot of people buy just before we stopped taking orders. The bit in the middle - well, it got a little bit shhhh!

How does dynamic pricing work?

The idea behind our dynamic price model is that we pull forward the sales usually generated at the end of the collection by offering you a better price the earlier you order. If you want to leave it till the last minute, that’s fine - but you’ll be charged a bit more.


Early orders help us make even more of an impact - we can plan better, we can scale the model better and we can work better with the factory who can plan their cutting, stitching and finishing timelines even better.

And instead of doing discounts for late arrivals, we want to reward the early purchasers.

The more people who learn about Unfolded and our approach to shopping, the better the collections we can create and the more impact we can have. So that is why we are introducing dynamic pricing, gradually increasing our prices in a collection after it has been on sale for a while.


This is Unfolded make good clothes. We remove the 30% of products that are never sold from production and do good with the savings.

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