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What is ‘Industry Price’?


We want to be able to show you how our pieces compare to others available on the high street and how our model provides not just a positive impact in the world but also better value for you. That’s why, from Collection 02, we calculate the Industry Price by looking at a range of other retailers and brands. We look at what they’re selling, the price it’s on sale for and benchmark our products against them.

In this process, we compare the designs and fabric compositions and also where the items were produced.

Our model takes away all the unnecessary add-ons that have become commonplace in the industry:

  • Big markups
  • Promotional spend
  • Massive discounting waste driven by 30% of products never being sold 


    And there you go – our pricing compared to Industry Price. 


    We highlight this as we stand behind our mission to make clothes that are better for you, better for the planet and better for society. 

    You’ll see Industry Price shown throughout our checkout process so you can see how much the same collection of clothes would typically cost on the high street.  

    Importantly to us, there isn’t a compromise on quality when you buy from This is Unfolded – we’re using high quality fabrics, including linen blends, sustainable viscose and cotton. 

    Our focus is on reducing all the waste in the traditional retail model and this means we can provide a better deal to everyone involved.