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Your Dream Dungarees


The Kathleen Dungaree has been designed to be perfect for everyone's wardrobe. With our community of 1,500 women helping us with every decision about this product we’ve made dungarees that have been described as “the comfiest dungarees ever”

Adjustable straps for sizing - Tick. Effortless oversized fit - Tick. Proper pockets - Tick.

Our Kathleen dungarees aren’t just perfect for your wardrobe, they also have a big impact in the world - every purchase of the Kathleen supports a child in education for 2 months and provides higher wages for our garment workers.

The best bit - Kathleen costs just £39 including postage.

How is that possible? We take the waste out of production and make our clothes after you order! 30% of clothes made are never sold - if you remove this you can save a lot of money which allows us to make sustainable and affordable clothes.

Kathleen is available to order in Sage or Black now, don’t delay though as our community has already snapped up 50% of the available sustainable cotton fabric we have to make the Kathleen.

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