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Oneisa Sweatshirt - The Story

Would a collection be complete without a sweater? We think not and the majority of our creators agreed - great minds!

The 2020 trend that got everyone’s attention has to be loungewear. Once upon a time loungewear would have been kept for your at home chills, but it’s fair to say that has truly been flipped on its head and loungewear continues to dominate street-style looks, everywhere. The ever popular loungewear looks, that don’t appear to be going anywhere fast, are what inspired the Oneisa sweatshirt in our collection.

This is the ultimate addition to your loungewear wardrobe. Creator Oneisa said it "looks like a cosy fit but still looks cute!" and we couldn’t agree more. Loungewear is all about feeling good, from the style to comfort being key, we knew this had to make our final collection. After feedback, we decided to finalise the Oneisa in inky blue, however from the abundance of positive comments made by our Creators about the sweatshirt, we added a khaki colourway as a last minute change, and we’re so glad we did!

With a slightly slouchy look, this is a sweater that is truly made for a casual everyday look equally as much as lounging around at home, it’s a staple for sure. 

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