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We live in a returns culture. 

A whopping 30% of clothes bought online are now returned.

Sure, as a shopper this gives us extra flexibility to buy and try sizes and styles, but is the impact this has on the environment really worth it? In the US alone last year this approach saw £5bn worth of returned goods ending up in landfill.  

In an ideal world, these clothes would be sent straight out again to another customer when they arrive back at a returns warehouse - a good outcome, although even this is creating extra emissions. 

The reality is that for many retailers these items cost so little to manufacture that throwing out a returned item is the most cost-effective way to deal with it, instead of repackaging it to shipping to someone else. 

Returns = landfill and waste. 

We get it. In some instances, returns might be necessary, but overall we think there’s a better way, and our community agrees. 

It’s why we’re taking a new approach to returns, focusing on how, together, we can change it for the better.


We know everything might not fit perfectly, or you might not like every item in your order. That’s why we offer free postage to send any one item to a friend, or to anyone you like, and a Facebook group to facilitate swapping and sharing. 

We're building a supportive community where you can share outfit ideas and swap or sell items. We're keeping it exclusive  – it’s just for This is Unfolded shoppers – so as soon as you have an order number, you can join and start making new friends, sharing tips, as well as pictures of your clothes.


There are many organisations in the UK who are helping families out of crises, whether that’s through If you don’t like one of the items in your order, your prepaid label means you can send it to one of our selected charity partners – that way you’ll know it’s going to someone who really needs it and helping a local charity.

Our charities are carefully selected.



We’ll be releasing new weekly content about how to style your pieces, so even if they’re not quite to your taste, you might just be surprised how you wear them in different ways!

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It's pretty clear that we’re not a fan of returns, but of course, we understand if you don’t feel there’s another alternative. 

We would ask that you consider the options above, as returns over a certain level mean we have to look at raising prices for future collections or reducing the support we provide to our partners Pratham in their mission to support education in India. 

If you need to return your items, you can read more about our returns policy here.