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Our Clothes

All your clothes have a story. Your Unfolded clothes have one you can be proud of.

The story starts with the hard to swallow fact that 30% of clothes that are produced in the world are never ever sold. At This is Unfolded we are telling a different story. We're telling a better one. 

We only start to produce clothes once our customers have started to place orders. What does this mean? It means we can make clothes based on demand rather than predictions, only producing items that are actually wanted. We use the savings from working in this way to make a real impact in supporting garment workers and children's education.

Clothes from This is Unfolded

By working alongside the Unfolded Creator Community every step of the way we're keeping our collections small and beautifully curated. Each collection is designed with feedback from our customers, and we only create a select set of new pieces that are made with high quality materials for each new collection. As we stay away from overproduction, we work in a way that has our planet in mind, because fashion doesn't need to be the second-largest polluting industry in the world, does it?

We're committed to doing better, and we will continue to improve every step of the way. Collection 02 saw us introduce more sustainable materials such as Eco Liva Sustainable Viscose and Organic Cotton Voile, and we've kept versatility at the forefront of our designs to make sure you get your wear out of each piece. From beautiful designs to everyday casualwear, we've got you covered.

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