Our Sold out Clara Jumpsuit Is back in limited numbers!

Our sell our Clara jumpsuit is back but not for long. We've managed to secure a small amount of this amazing fabric and can make around 100 of each colourway, green and navy.

The Clara has sold out twice already and is perfect for the days when putting an outfit together is just a little too much effort. It's super comfortable but always gives that 'put together' look.

The sustainable crinkle cotton fabric also doesn't need ironed... win win!

Thanks to the Unfolded 'made after you order' production process, buying Clara supports a child to learn to read and write for 2 months and costs just £49 - compared to £65 with a traditional brand for the sample quality!

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4 reasons You'll Love This Jumpsuit

Super Comfortable
With an elasticated waistband, a super soft cotton fabric and a wide leg trouser, you’ll barely feel like you’re wearing the Clara jumpsuit at all - it's that comfy!

Better for the planet
Designed in collaboration with 4,000 of our customers to ensure we are making clothes people actually want hanging in their wardrobe & won’t just go to waste. We only start production after orders have been placed to match supply and demand. Making Unfolded much better for the planet...

Amazing price
At £49, the Clara isn’t only kind to the planet but also to your pocket.

Due to our low-waste model, we’re able to offer the Clara at 33% less than what you would pay from traditional fashion brands.

It changes lives
For every Clara ordered, we support a child to learn to read and write for 2 months in India.  

5,000+ children in India have been supported by Unfolded customers since launch.

800+ 5 🌟 Verifed Reviews

I love this company!

The clothes are well made using quality fabrics and are comfortable to wear. So good to know that Unfolded's ethical credentials can be 100% trusted as they keep you informed of the manufacturing process from start to finish.

Catherine on Trustpilot Verified customer

Sustainable fashion

I've bought several pieces from This is Unfolded. It's great to find an ethical manufacturer, making clothes to order and keeping customers in the loop with regular updates about the manufacturing process and timeline. I'm a massive fan!

Frances on Trustpilot
Verified customer

Ethical and transparent

The collections always have something that you can wear and feel good doing so! Have now ordered from four collections and have not been disappointed.

Catherine on Trustpilot Verified customer


Clara Jumpsuit

£65  £49  inc Free Delivery

30 Day Guarentee | Secure Payments

This Jumpsuit:

Is made from sustainably sourced fabrics.

Has an elasticated waist = easy fit.

Funds children in education in India for 2 months

Pays factory workers higher wages.

Is made without waste - better for the planet!

15% off your first order with code IMPACT15

What if I order and it doesn't fit?

If you order and it doesn't fit then we'll be happy to organise a return.

But we would love it if you would consider using our swap platform instead and swapping the item for another size or product with someone else from the Unfolded community.

How much is delivery?

Delivery in the UK is free when you spend over £45 or £3.99 under this.

How do you create positive impact?

By removing the waste from the production process we save lot's of money. Some of that is used to offer you lower prices and some of it is used to pay higher wages to the garment workers in our factories in India.

The rest is used to fund kids who live around these factories to learn to read and write. We do this with an amazing organisation called Pratham. You can see the direct impact every item has. A dress will normally support a child to learn for 2 months.  

How do women help you Design the clothes?

There is now over 4,000 women just like you in a private Unfolded facebook group, we call them our Unfolders.

They help to decide what products we should make. Once you buy you can join this pretty amazing group.

In it they also share styling advice and sell on items if they no longer wear them.

Why are you cheaper than other brands?

We only make what you order - meaning we don't create the same waste as other brands. The savings this creates are used for positive impact and to offer you a better deal.