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This is Unfolded does things differently. Our amazing community with thousands of Unfolded shoppers supports swapping, rather than returning. It’s an approach we’re passionate about, as returns so often result in landfill and waste.

We know everything might not fit perfectly, or you might not like every item in your order. That's why we offer a Swap Shop where you can list and find items to swap, as well as free postage to send any single item to someone else - and the same for your swap buddy.

It's a whole new way of making the most of what you love and trading what you don't.

If you’d like to swap one of your items, just follow the steps below.

Some of our Happy swappers

Launching: Our new Swap Shop

  • A new platform for easy, quick swapping
  • One place to find all available swaps
  • Discover the perfect item or swap sizes
  • Lots of new features in the pipeline

How to Swap

Instead of returning, swapping an item that isn’t quite right for you helps us do better for the planet and the people supported in education. Let’s help you get started with your first swap!

Step 1 - Sharing what you have to swap

The best way to find someone to swap with is to post in our brand new Unfolded Swap Shop. Log in or create an account with the email you've used to order from us. You’ll see all your items that you’ve purchased directly from Unfolded listed under My Items. You can select any of these items and add additional information.

Step 2 - Finding a swap buddy

Using the search and filters you can search all the available swaps that have been listed by other Unfolders.

Select an item to see all the product information like size, condition etc. If you would like more information on the measurements of a certain item, you can view our size guide here. Simply search for the name of the item you’re interested in. You can also view items from previous collections in more detail here.

Once you’re happy to proceed, request a swap and it will be sent over to the other Unfolder for review.

Step 3 - Getting your free postage

Unfolded offers one free postage label per order to send any single item to someone else - and the same for your swap buddy.

This will be available in the swap platform shortly, but for now, go to to get your free label. Just log in (you'll find it in the menu!), find your order and click on 'Redeem swap token'. You’ll need to fill in your own address and the address of the person you want to send the item to. We will process your request and you’ll get the label and full postage instructions by email.

Step 4 - Send your item

With your confirmation email, you get everything you need to either print out your label at home, or you can use the QR code, so you don't need to have a printer at home. The QR code scanning is a service available at Royal Mail Delivery Offices - unfortunately not all post offices provide this service, but you can find your nearest delivery office here.

When you've got your label, send your item to your friend or swap buddy. If you're swapping, make sure they do the same - it can be handy to share proof of postage with your swap buddy so they know your parcel is on the way.

Step 5 - You've made a difference!

That's it! Just sit back, relax, and wait for your swapped item to arrive. We'd love to hear your feedback about the swap process; please let us know using the Feedback link in the Swap Shop, or contact us on

And if you have any questions at all, get in touch with our customer service team who are more than happy to help you.

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