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  • 50% of fashion product end up being discounted
  • 30% of fashion products produced are never sold
  • 30% of products bought online are returned
  • 80% of consumers say making a positive impact is a key driver for them changing purchasing long as it doesn’t cost them more.

Our experience of launching mystery box Lost Stock connecting cancelled clothing stock and consumers to fund support for garment workers which saw us sell over 120K boxes to over 110k customers in only 7 months - proves there is an appetite to shop differently and shop for good.



This is Unfolded does returns differently


We pledge never to send returns items to landfill, but we need to be honest about the nature of returns – it’s a really expensive part of the process. It makes it far harder for us to support good causes moving forward, and high returns mean we'd have to increase prices - making our This is Unfolded less accessible.

By deterring returns and encouraging other options like our swapping community (including a free swap for every customer), it means we can continue to offer a donation to a charitable cause as part of every purchase.

In some instances, returns might be necessary, but overall we think there’s a better way, and our shoppers have told us they are keen to find one too!

This has been confirmed by our returns rate being just 1.3%, compared to that whopping 30% from other retailers.

It’s why we’re taking a new approach to returns, by creating a community where returns work differently and clothes that don’t work for you can find a better home.

We offer a swap option which means that we’ll provide free postage for one item for you to swap it with someone else in the community - they’re a super friendly bunch. If you choose to use this, just contact our customer support team who will provide a free returns label. Please note that we are unable to offer a refund if you have swapped items, so if we provide a swap label, we will not be able to offer a refund on your order.

As we make product based on demand, we hope you’ve made a conscious choice with your order to start with so as not to create more waste.