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The Sandie Pinafore Dress

YOUR Must-Have Dress for the winter

Effortlessly chic, the Sandie pinafore is the dress you want in your wardrobe this winter (and autumn, and spring...)

The Sandie has been designed to look great with everything! You can easily pair with thick tights and a polo neck for a winter wonderland outing, or brighten it up with colourful tights and boots. A denim jacket and sneakers over your pinafore will be a great everyday look. Wear with our Karen shirt for a timeless look that will take you all the way from autumn ‘till spring. This is the perfect pinafore for everyday (and every night), just as suitable for work meetings as it is for lunch dates or nights out.

Pinafore with pockets and style

When designing our autumn collection, a corduroy dress was really high up on the wish list both from our customers and from our buying team. Sandie, who the dress is named after, said: "You can dress it up and dress it down, and the black colour really helps too. Wear it with chunky boots and a jumper over it and you can wear like a skirt, or you can undo it and wear it as a gilet...and IT HAS POCKETS! It's quite a fitted fit so it emphasises your shape and it's super comfy! The turtle shell buttons are also a nice touch. Bonus: it doesn't crumple!"


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