Sustainable, affordable and made without the waste? Too good to be true?

If you’re anything like us then you might have seen a lot of adverts for the sustainable shopping brand This is Unfolded appearing on your social media in the past couple of months…

So we decided to find out more about them…

There was a time when thinking about 'sustainable clothing' would bring images of unflattering and suspiciously scratchy styles to mind. Thankfully, there are now several brands challenging that view and This is Unfolded has quickly become our favourite!

As some of you may know, 30% of new clothes made yearly are never sold! This year that will be 26 billion items of clothing… A truly shocking fact but when you consider the damage of the fashion industry not one that shocks us!  

The whole concept of Unfolded is to make clothes without the waste and uses the savings to create a positive impact in the world - truly a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry! 👏🏼

Above: Unfolded customers during a photoshoot

But how does it work?

  1. Every item is designed in collaboration with our community of shoppers, ensuring they make clothes you’ll love. The items are then named after the customer who helped design the piece - kinda love this little twist!
  2. They only produce after you order to ensure nothing is sent to landfill.
  3. The savings are used to fund kids in India to learn to read and write, pay garment workers higher wages and offer their customers better prices - up to 35% cheaper than traditional high-street brands!

No Waste!

In one recent survey published in the Harvard Business Review, 65% said they want to buy purpose-driven brands that advocate sustainability, yet only about 26% do so.

That’s why Unfolded might just on to something; selling high-quality, sustainably made pieces that their customer wants, at a lower price than you would find on the high street.

Above: Mountains of clothes waste in the Atacama desert

You might think it sounds too good to be true, but after seeing the quality of the clothes, we’re super impressed!

From the moment you check out, you received order updates
that allow you to follow the journey of your clothes through fabric resting, stitching and finishing - providing detailed information at each stage.

They also just launched a tracker platform that allows you to log in whenever you want to check in the status of your order.

The downside, if we can even call it that, is that you wait on average 4 weeks for your clothes to arrive because they only produce after you’ve placed an order.

Each product on their website has its own estimated delivery time so you know in advance. So you do have to plan in advance.
Unfolded has only been around for 18 months, and in that time it looks like they’ve got pretty big in the UK!  

They claim to now have over 35,000 women who are shopping better together (amazing to see!), they’ve funded 5,000 kids to learn to read and write with an organisation called Pratham and they claim to have not sent a single item of clothing to landfill…

You can read about their impact here.

Above: One of the reviews of Unfolded from Trustpilot

During this time they also had 3 offers of investment on Dragons' Den, raised £1.25m from investors instead, ran pop-up shops across the UK and found ourselves featured on shows like This Morning and Lorraine.

Seeing a new sustainable brand achieve this mainstream success is just incredible!

They also run a first-order discount code! Use code IMPACT-15 to get 15% off your first Unfolded order.

Let us know if you check them out for yourself!

You can shop via their website here

We've also picked out some of our favourite styles below from their new collection.

Above: Their top selling Lana trousers

Above: Just love the colour of this Lulu jumpsuit!  

Above: This dress has 2 pockets and is just £47!