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Making an impact

If you’ve got to this page then you’ll know that This is Unfolded isn’t like any clothing brand you’ve ever come across before, we like to think of ourselves as a movement driven by making a positive impact in the world we live in!

A positive impact by removing waste from a broken industry…



30% of clothes produced are never sold and end up in landfill, making the clothing industry one of the most polluting in the world and garment workers amongst the lowest paid in the world. This is Unfolded creates clothes without this waste and we invest the savings into better worker wages and positive community impact - while making great quality, versatile and affordable clothes.



Good for the environment

  • We only make clothes that consumers order
  • We use sustainable materials wherever possible
  • Our bags and labels use recycled materials and our logistics operations are all carbon offset
  • We ensure nothing ends up in landfill - donating any excess materials to local makers for rugs and stuffing


Good for education

  • Each purchase supports a child getting education
  • We collaborate with Pratham, an organisation dedicated to supporting children in learning, to change the lives of hundreds of children


Good for workers

  • We pay workers higher wages from the savings created by removing waste
  • We fund education programmes around our factories


Good for you

  • We make our clothes in collaboration with the Unfolded Creator Community, so we design clothes we know you'll love, made for real people
  • All the pieces are versatile, wearable and make you look good
  • By removing the waste we can offer great prices for sustainable and ethical clothes


Our way of making clothes means we cut waste and use the savings to make a positive impact


Each purchase supports a child in education


Through our partner organisation Pratham we can change the lives of hundreds of children with every collection