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Fast fashion is slowly killing our planet

30% of clothes are never sold and the emissions created are more than those from the UK, France and Germany - combined!

This is Unfolded make clothes without the waste, using the savings to change the lives of people who produce them! Better for the planet, better for you and better for workers.


We’ve partnered with leading fashion publication Who What Wear UK and over 1,000 of their readers to create Drop 01! A summer capsule collection that combines our unique approach to creating clothes and removing waste with long-term change in the fashion industry through partnerships with new communities of shoppers.

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What a brilliant brand. A great way to shop sustainably and affordably. Hannah

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Designed by you

Every style and every print is designed with feedback from 1000s of women

Remove the waste

Clothes are only made after you order, cutting waste & paying workers fairly

Clothes - but better

Top quality sustainable clothes - and every purchase supports a child in education


Amazing clothes, incredible mission Caitlin

Great communication, lovely well made clothes, excellent value for money, reduces waste and supports workers in the clothing industry. Olga

If you’re looking for a TRULY SUSTAINABLE brand that actually delivers great quality clothing at great prices, then This is Unfolded is for you. Rebecca

This is the future of shopping. Natalie

Absolutely brilliant organisation that actually cares about the planet, the people who make the clothes and their customers. E Shaw

Great new concept - ethical clothing that is tracked from creation to delivery and gives back to the communities that make it. Really pleased with my choices so far. Fantastic quality, perfect fit, beautiful designs and environmentally friendly packaging. This company really cares about it’s products and customers. Tracy R.


You can make a difference

Shopping with This is Unfolded creates a positive impact in the world, by cutting waste, stopping clothes being produced and never sold - and investing savings into workers and children.


Children get a better education


Workers get higher wages


No overproduction that ends up in landfill


Early access to new collections

Free shipping

Get the best prices on everything

Your design

Join 1000s of women and have your say