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Making Sustainable Clothes

Working with our factory partners to make clothes better

This is Unfolded has changed the way we make and sell clothes. We work closely with all our factory partners, ensuring higher wages for workers, reducing waste and using sustainable materials whenever possible.

Transparency & Impact

We want you to help us change the world through shopping differently. We want you to feel informed and empowered to make the right choices about your shopping. And we want you to know the impact your shopping has. After each collection we create a report to show you what happened with that collection and the impact it had - and how we're getting better with every new collection. Get in touch on for the latest.


Good clothes have a story

We believe that fashion should be used for good and this has to start with the workers making the products. We are committed to using the efficiencies in our model to have a positive impact on the lives of workers involved in This is Unfolded and their wider communities, done through the work of our NGO partner, Pratham.

Our detailed reports after each collection gives lots of good insights into what's happening and how we are making positive change.


Ethically responsible

We have a close partnership with our factory partners and the teams there. The people who make our clothes are as important as the people who buy them, so we are making sure we have a close working relationship and that we look after the factory workers and team well.

Our factory is a member of Sedex, short for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. The Sedex database is a widely recognised online platform where registered companies openly share information about their social and ethical performance.

Membership demonstrates that these factories are compliant with the principles of ethically, socially sustainable production methods and positive labour conditions. The Sedex platform has a significant positive impact on the improvement of ethically responsible business practices across the entire value chain and also includes regular audits of the factories who are members.

We only work with factories that are rated as paying good wages to their staff, and we also pay a bonus to all staff at our partner factories after each collection has been delivered. These bonuses are paid to the full staff at the factories even if only a relatively small % of workers work on our clothes. We do this so as not to create an imbalance at the factory or conflict between workers.


Sustainable production methods

As well as being a SEDEX member, our partner factory is an Oeko-Tex approved factory. They are certified for GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard for organic cottons), GRS (Global Recycle Standard for recycled polys) and OCS (Organic Content Standard for fabric blends with organic cotton).

Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum based fertilisers, pesticides and synthetic products.

All the cutting waste at the factory is sold to recyclers who use it to make rugs, cords. Nothing goes to landfill, everything gets used up!


The numbers


sent to landfill


paid higher wages


supported in education


Logistics - Factory to Consumer

Working in close partnership with our factory partners, and collaborating with global logistics heavyweights means we’ve created a factory-to-consumer model where we don’t make clothes until we’ve received your orders.

This approach allows us to remove any overstock from the model and creates a truly demand-led model for fashion retail - instead of brands pushing out products and hoping you’ll like some of what you see. We then pack your orders at source of production and ship directly to you, allowing us to save significantly on time and costs. No big, expensive warehouses here!

Okay - we’ll be honest (as always!). This model means it does take a bit longer to receive your order to but we’re working to get this time down and we know all the positives created by This is Unfolded make us more than worth the wait.

Combined these areas allow us to remove the 30% of products that are normally made by brands and not sold, ensuring we make good clothes for you, the planet and for our workers.



Every purchase supports a child in education, improving their reading, writing and maths skills. Only 50% of children aged 11+ in India are able to read and write. Helping improve this balance opens up new job opportunites in the future for the children involved.

Pratham UK power our on the ground impact.


379 workers work at our partner factories in India. They all get paid a better rate from Unfolded than other brands, and are supported through the Unfolded Workers Fund.


It is important that the people making your clothes have good working conditions, receive fair pay for what they do and are treated well at work. All of our factory partners are Sedex rated and we share the stories of our workers with you as your clothes are produced.

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