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Sustainable Gift Card


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Why Unfolded is cheaper

Zero waste & quality sustainable fabrics

Higher wages for garment workers

Funds a child in education for months


Give the gift of good!

The perfect sustainable gift? Yep, you might just have found it... This is Unfolded is a brand new way of shopping sustainable clothes that cut the waste and do good in the world. Our clothes are designed with thousands of women - they look good & do good! With a gift card, the lucky recipient can choose their favourite items from our eco-friendly and ethical clothing range.

Every purchase from This is Unfolded

  • Reduces waste and make a positive impact on the planet
  • Provides factory workers making the clothes with higher wages
  • Supports children in education in India, changing lives for the better

How it works

Choose the gift card(s) you want to buy. When you complete checkout you’ll receive an email you can forward to the recipient of your gift. This includes a unique gift card code that they will use when they shop from us.

Get a physical gift card

If you prefer a physical gift, we are happy to send you a lovely eco-friendly gift card in the mail! Just contact us on and we'll get it sent out to you.

You can also print your gift card (the code is the same!) and wrap it up nicely. 

The gift card is valid to use for 6 months. Our sustainable clothing collections are on sale for a limited time only - and we will notify you of upcoming collections!


Don't love your order when it arrives? You can swap for free with other Unfolders using Swaps by Unfolded, or return within 14 days. Read our full refund policy here.

By swapping you help us increase the positive impact we create with each order and ensure minimal waste.

Unfolded Traditional
Zero waste Yes No
Kids funded in education Yes No
Higher worker wages Yes No
Sustainable materials Yes No

How Unfolded Works

Every item designed in collaboration with 6,000+ women!

Made after you order using sustainable materials - nothing goes to landfill.

The money saved is used to do good in the world & offer you great quality at great prices.

Clothes That Do Good

This item funds children to learn to read and write for months

Higher wages for garment workers!

No new clothes sent to landfill - compared to up to 30% with major brands!

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