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This is Unfolded Gift Card

This is Unfolded Gift Card


Gift cards will be sent to your email after purchase.

Give the gift of good with a gift card from This is Unfolded!

For them - amazing sustainable and ethical clothes designed by thousands of women. 

For you - a positive impact in the world and a last minute Christmas gift sorted without the need to venture out. 

With every purchase This is Unfolded, 

  • Supports factory workers making the clothes with higher wages
  • Reduces waste and make a positive impact on the planet 
  • Gives children in India support for their education through Pratham

How it works

Choose the gift card(s) you want to buy and when you complete checkout you’ll receive an email that is ready to be forwarded to the lucky recipient of your gift. This includes a unique gift card code that will be used when purchasing clothes from one of our upcoming collections.

Collection 04 is due for launch in late February 2022 and we’ll let you know when it does. In 2022 we’ll be launching 5 collections.  

If you prefer a physical gift, you can print your gift card (the code is the same!) and wrap it up nicely. 

The gift card is valid to use for 6 months.