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Sustainability & Transparency

We need a change in the
fashion industry

Retail is a huge contributor to the environmental crisis
and we want to change that!

We know you do too!
That's why you're here...


items of clothing have been dumped since you started reading this page.

Making more sustainable choices

This is Unfolded is working to build a sustainable model for retail for a wide range of consumers from scratch.

That’s why we believe that offering clothes at an accessible pricing is a vitally important part of creating long term change. We sell clothes at a fair price that’s similar to the high street. It’s important that clothes that do good are attainable for as many shoppers as possible.

We’re working to tackle the issue of returns as well - another big contributor to the landfill problem that faces fashion. We encourage swapping instead of returning, supporting shoppers to swap an item with someone else in the Unfolded community instead of returning, with postage paid by This is Unfolded.

Sustainable decisions

We make sustainable decisions across our business - but we aren't perfect. We do what we can, and we always strive to get better.

  • All our packaging bags – garment bags and the bag your order comes in - are made from recycled materials and they are fully biodegradable.
  • There is no plastic on our tags, and the cardboard used is easy to recycle.
  • We work with partners to offset all carbon emissions generated through transportation.
  • With our collections, we source sustainable materials whenever possible. The lead times on these fabrics can be prohibitive, so we work closely with our factories to get the best options available.
  • You can see the materials used on each product page, and each collection will have a breakdown available.
  • A small % of our products have man-made materials in them. With scale, we can source even more sustainable fabrics at a better price. Our goal is to use 100% sustainable fabrics in 2023 - which our latest collections have done.
  • Our factory partners are SEDEX-certified, socially, ethically and sustainably compliant.
  • We pay our workers better wages through the Unfolded Worker Fund.
  • All fabrics are sourced from reputed and ethical mills and processing units.
  • Each of the mills has all social and environmental audits in place and some of them also follow ZERO discharge norms for preventing water pollution.


Join us in making shopping that makes a difference

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