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We don’t label ourselves a ‘Sustainable Brand’ – we recognise that the retail industry will never be 100% sustainable. Reducing our impact is a work in progress.

First and foremost sustainability for us means reducing the waste associated with over production. With the model we’ve created this will see a huge amount of product saved from the discounting spiralling and the landfill that comes with this. On top of that, we make sustainable decisions. All packaging bags – garment and outer are recycled and biodegradable, and we work with partners to offset all carbon emissions generated through transportation. 

For future collections we’re also working to integrate more sustainable materials, for Collection 01 the lead times on these fabrics proved prohibitive. With scale, we can look to source sustainable fabrics at a better price.

We believe that offering clothes at an accessible pricing is a vitally important part of creating long term change. This is why we sell clothes at a fair price that’s similar to the high street. It’s important that clothes that do good are attainable for as many shoppers as possible.