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At This is Unfolded we make clothes,
but better…

How are we better? To be honest, it's pretty simple...

The normal approach to making clothes is awful. 30% of clothes made are never sold, using up huge amounts of energy/water, and lots of never worn clothes end up being sent straight to landfill.

With This is Unfolded we’ve created a way to make and sell clothes that removes this waste - and makes the world a better place with the savings.

How do we remove the waste?

Real customers help us design every product (over 1,500 people contributed to our current collection) and we sell them for a limited time - once they’re gone they’re gone.

We only start production after we’ve taken orders. Okay, it means delivery takes a little bit longer - but the results are worth it for our planet, for our workers and for you.

How do we make the world a better place?

Better for the Planet

By removing the waste in the process we don’t waste any energy or water making clothes that just get sent to landfill. Any excess fabric is reused by the communities where we make our clothes (India) for rugs and facemasks.

Better for our workers

With the money saved we ensure higher wages for the workers at our partner factories. We also want to make long lasting change so we fund children in education in the local communities with our partner Pratham. A nice new dress for you = 2 months of educational support.

Better for you

Clothes you’ll love for years - cause you designed them. Real customers help us design every piece - ensuring the right number of pockets and fabric choices in the process. We use some of the savings made in the process to also offer you sustainable fashion at fantastic prices - everything in our collection costs less than £45, including delivery!

try some better clothes.
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