Our story

This is Unfolded might be new but the concept behind it isn’t. 

As a team we’ve worked in the fashion industry for a long time and for many years have been playing our small part in chipping away at the inefficiencies and inequalities in the current model, trying to reduce waste and make a fairer system.

Let us tell you more.

Our journey to This is Unfolded really began with a brand new venture, launched last May – Lost Stock. As the coronavirus pandemic started to take hold of the world, the fashion retail model  broke down. 

Brands cancelled over $2 billion worth of stock orders with factories – mainly in developing countries. This left them without payment and with an estimated hundreds of millions of pieces of clothing looking destined for landfill.

We set out to save those clothes from landfill, and help struggling factories and garment workers with every purchase. Our aim was to sell 10,000 mystery boxes of clothing made up of these cancelled orders by the end of the year. It worked out a little better than we hoped… 

We were blown away by the media and public support we received. The chance to shop for good really resonated with people, and we ended up selling over 10,000 boxes in the first 4 days… 

Over the next few months, we sold over 125,484 boxes which meant we were able to support 113,701 people in garment factory families, on average for a month each. Alongside this we helped factories to survive by buying cancelled stock.

We learned a lot during those months, and we’re not ashamed to say that we’re still learning. 

A mystery box worked well in the short term when connecting the cancelled stock with shoppers, but longer-term there isn’t the availability of stock and it relies on consumers being comfortable not knowing what they’re getting. So we started to think, how could we build something different? 

We looked at other brands who were focused on impact, and quickly realised they all  had a high price point as fundamentally they were still operating using the  same broken model and then adding impact on top. 

Buy stock, hope you can sell it in the volumes you bought it in and if not discount it. 

This flawed approach means that in the UK roughly 50% of products end up being discounted and 30% of products end up never being worn before they’re put into landfill. It’s this level of wastage that drives the damage to our planet by fashion and also helps to push factory workers wages down. 

Our experience with Lost Stock showed us that there has to be a different way and that if it has a positive impact on society then people are willing to change their habits and try something new. 

We believe that the current retail model is wasteful and it needs to change and it needs to change now! 

This is why we’re building a movement of shoppers who want to make fashion into a power for good…. 

A new way of shopping: This is Unfolded 

This is Unfolded is driven by the desire to do things differently and create change in an industry where there is so often very little. 

The current retail supply chain is full of issues which negatively affect producers, consumers and our planet. Not only is it over-producing clothes, but the supply chain is also overcomplicated, full of waste and working at a speed that exploits workers and leads to mindless consumption. It’s an outdated  system that no longer fits the world we live in, or the world we need to pass onto our children. 

Our team of data scientists, marketeers and buyers are focused on creating a whole new model. A model where clothes shopping is a force for good: good for the workers, for society and for the shoppers. It’s a big change.

We’ve just launched our second collection of beautiful pieces. They’re good for you, good for our planet and good for society – you just have to wait a little longer to get them. 

Change the way you shop forever with us and join a movement turning fashion into a power for good.