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Fashion is the second highest polluting industry in the world, every year creating more emissions than the UK, France and Germany combined.

This has to change...

What causes this? 

30% of new fashion products made every year are never sold, a lot of these clothes end up being sent straight to landfill.

That’s right - 30% of the second biggest polluting industry is just waste… 

Time for Change

This is Unfolded removes this waste and uses the money saved to make a positive impact in the world!

How we do this is simple - we remove the waste from fashion production by desiging everything with our community of shoppers and then only producing after we take orders.

We focus our positive impact on changing the lives of the people where we make our sustainable clothes - Delhi, India.

To do this we’ve partnered with Pratham - an amazing charity who are the leader in supporting children in education in India and have been since 1995.  

Improving education provides the biggest positive impact in the communities where our clothes are made.


According to the UN only 74% of the Indian population are able to read and write, this compares to 99% in the UK.

Another way to look at this is that in India 1 in 4 people will never be able to read and write…

Tackling this is the key to higher wages and in turn a better life.

For every item bought from This is Unfolded we can pay for a child to receive support from Pratham for a set period.

A new dress for you - 2 months support with Pratham! 

This is Unfolded and our 10,000 strong community have now funded 3,000 children for the next 12 months to learn to read and write.

Today we want you to meet one of these amazing children and to show you you the positive impact Unfolded has had.

Introducing Tania

Tania is 9 and lives near Delhi in India. Her father is a traditional construction worker (a Beldar) and her mother cuts threads in a nearby factory.

Since joining the Pratham program, funded by This is Unfolded, Tania has learnt to read. A huge achievement and one that has changed her world outlook.

Tania now says her dream is to become a police officer and to protect the nation.

With this change in outlook she also now wants to take care of her parents as they grow old.

The amazing This is Unfolded shoppers have totally changed Tania and her families lives - all through shopping in a better way.

Okay - there is a little bit of a catch, with This is Unfolded you need to wait a little bit longer for your order but surely Tanias story shows it's worth it?

Our 5th Collection launches soon - register to get exclusive first access and to change even more lives like Tanias! Ohhh and get amazing sustainable clothes...

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