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Pratham: Meet our NGO partner

Pratham: Meet our NGO partner

Shopping with us is different. We remove the usual waste that is created from a traditional fashion brand and use the savings to help change lives, making a real difference in the world.

You shop, we support. Simple.

By reducing waste, for every item sold we donate the savings to Pratham. This allows us to support children’s education in the communities in India, where our collections are produced.


Pratham is a leading NGO in India who support children and young adults in everything from early education to vocational training. Pratham’s invaluable work is carried out across 21 states where they are able to reach millions of children and youths every single year. 

We’ve partnered with Pratham to help support their early education programme on their mission to have “every child in school and learning well” after learning that half of the children who reach fifth grade (10 years old) cannot read or write. Once children fall behind at a very early stage of education this can be their chance of literacy within their lifetime gone. Pratham helps prevent this and we want to combine our mission to make shopping for clothes a force for good with their mission and that is why your order will directly support a child in education.



Pratham fills gaps in the education system and supports children in early education through learning camps. The camps group children according to their ability rather than their age to give them the best quality education tailored to their level. Working in this way means every child can learn the fundamentals and get comfortable before moving on to the next level of education. Pratham believes that sustainability is an important part of their intervention and they build communities to engage a variety of stakeholders to help improve the education offering that children are receiving in India and ensure that the impact lasts beyond the period of Pratham’s direct involvement. To do so, the programmes are focussed in communities to enable village youth to support foundational learning initiatives, parents to participate in their children’s learning and village leaders to endorse learning activities. The learning camps demonstrate that quick improvement is possible. After 100 hours of instruction in a learning camp there is a 50% increase in children’s reading levels and 45% increase in their numeracy skills.

So, how does your order help support a child? 

For every single item you order, whether that’s a dress or a basic tee, we donate to Pratham on your behalf. The amount of support we provide depends on what pieces you go for. Our dresses generate 2 months of educational support for one child, whilst our tops and basics will support a child for 1 month. The more pieces you add, the more support we provide but it’s all thanks to you choosing to shop better with us. 

Getting your next fashion fix with This is Unfolded really is changing lives. Your Unfolded Edit will directly support a child and help to give the gift of literacy at a pivotal stage in their life. 



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