We can all agree that we need a change in the fashion industry. Retail is a huge contributor to the environmental crisis, and we want to change that! We know you do too - that's why you're here.

So how can we all contribute to a more sustainable shopping experience?

Sustainability for us starts by reducing the waste associated with overproduction. With the model we’ve created, we only produce the clothes after you have placed your order. This way we see a huge amount of product saved from the discounting spiralling, or worst still being dumped directly into landfill.

Did you know that 30% of products that are made in traditional clothing businesses are never sold? The energy and resources used in this overproduction is huge and by removing this we instantly make a big impact.

We only produce what you actually want - and we do it in collaboration with our community of shoppers and creators, so that we can be sure that what we make is what you'll love. And it'll be worth the wait!

Sustainable decisions

We make sustainable decisions across the business but we’re not perfect…  

All our packaging bags – both garment bags and the bag your order comes in are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable.

There is no plastic on our tags and the cardboard used is easy to recycle.

We work with partners to offset all carbon emissions generated through transportation.

With our collections, we source sustainable materials when possible. The lead times on these fabrics can be prohibitive, so we work closely with our factories to get the best options available. You can see the materials on each product page.

Currently around 5% of our products have man made materials in them, which is the elastic in our sweatshirts.

With scale, we can source even more sustainable fabrics at a better price and our strategy is to use 100% sustainable fabrics in 2022.

We consider sustainability at all levels of our business; working to lower our carbon footprint and making the environmental footprint as small as possible. Where most brands would create 3-4 stages of samples in the design process and send them around the world, we create only 2. We use innovative and creative ways to cut waste, emissions and unnecessary travel wherever we can.  

This is Unfolded is working to build a sustainable model for retail for a wide range of consumers from scratch.

That’s why we believe that offering clothes at an accessible pricing is a vitally important part of creating long term change. This is why we sell clothes at a fair price that’s similar to the high street.

This is also why we’re working to tackle the issue of returns as well - another big contributor to the landfill problem that faces fashion. That’s why we’ve built our swapping offering. This allows shoppers to swap an item with someone else in the Unfolded community instead of returning, with postage paid by This is Unfolded.

It’s important that clothes that do good are attainable for as many shoppers as possible.


Good for the environment

  • We only make clothes after consumers order
  • We use sustainable materials wherever possible
  • We ensure nothing ends up in landfill - donating any excess materials to local makers for rugs and stuffing

Good for workers

  • We pay workers higher wages from the savings created by removing overproduction waste
  • We fund education programmes near our factories with our partner Pratham

Good for you

  • We make our clothes together with our community making sure they're perfect for you
  • All the pieces are versatile, wearable and make you look good - season after season
  • By removing the waste we offer great prices, making more sustainable clothes available for more people

We're not perfect and wouldn't dream of claiming to be but we're far better than the alternative and we're working to get even better and build a fashion model and solution that removes the huge amounts of waste creates and uses the savings to make a positive impact in the world.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that shopping can be a force for good. We want to create a movement for real change and ensure that the clothes we wear contribute to a better society, with less environmental damage, less waste and more positive impact.