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The customer service is second to none and the online community adds even more value to the experience of buying from This is Unfolded.Lisa

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"This is such a great way to buy clothes! I'm so happy with my order. The fit is true to size and the quality of the clothes is really high."Khadiza

"Great clothes that support those making them."Maria

"Love them all, great quality and fit."Heather

"Each item is so well made from beautiful material and fit perfectly! I'm so impressed."Verity

"Wish I had bought two Edits!"Jennifer

"I am delighted with the fit and quality of finish."Susan

"Amazing clothes, incredible mission."Caitlin

"I love the clothes I ordered from This is Unfolded - they are of a high quality, a good fit and were well worth the wait."Jennifer

"I am so impressed with this company - their products and their mission. The good they are doing for the environment, garment workers and their families is incredible."Caitlin

"I am so happy with my Edit"Becky

"Absolutely delighted with my Edit. Quality is fabulous."Cara

"Absolutely love all the pieces."Shobhita

"Three great quality pieces and the fit is perfect."Lucy

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