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2023 Reflections & Big Plans For 2024

2023 Reflections & Big Plans For 2024

Today we’re looking back at some of our 2023 highlights and look forward to some of the things we’ve got lined up for 2024. 

Looking Forward ⏩

When trying to build something so different as Unfolded you’ve got to continually learn and improve what you’re doing. At the end of last year, we got a bunch of customers together and got them to tell us how we can make Unfolded better. Using this we’re going to be doing the following once Collection 09 launches - in just over 3 weeks! 

Leg Lengths: As a trial, we’re going to be offering our amazing Lana trousers in a summer fabric in 3 leg lengths. If you have feedback on what these should be just reply to this email.

Fabric Lead Time: On the last collection we had some products that took a lot longer to deliver due to fabric issues, which held the whole process up. We’ve worked with partners to ensure this doesn’t happen again and have ensured fabric will be in the factories much quicker in the process as well.

Tracking System:  Our tech team have been hard at work creating a system that will allow you to see exactly where your order is in the process at any point in time. You’ll also be able to learn about the process in a lot more depth and hopefully meet some of the people making your clothes as well. We’re really really excited about this feature but we’ve not been able to name it yet - any ideas? 

Basics and Always On Products: For this collection, we’re introducing more basics and these will then be available with shorter delivery times for the rest of summer. We know you love the quality of these pieces but it can be hard to wait for a basic. 

Pop-up Stores: We’re working to do pop-up stores during this collection in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle and Bristol. They might not all be possible but we’re going to try. If you know of a great location in any of these cities then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 



Looking Back ⏪

2023 was a big year for us - the number of people who now get this email is more than 3x for one thing! 

Dragons Den: In February I went face to face with the Dragons, and after sparring with Touker (who really wasn’t very nice at all…) we got three offers from Deborah, Peter and Touker. None of them matched what we wanted so we had to say no but we have no regrets. 



Supported over 3,000 kids to learn to read and write this year: Our amazing partners at Pratham have been running projects helping kids in the regions of our factories thanks to Unfolded shoppers choosing to shop in a better way. You have now supported over 5,000 kids to learn to read and write! This year we want to double this number… but we’ll need your help to do it! 

Meeting You: Through our community photoshoot days, customer feedback sessions and pop-up shops we ended up meeting hundreds of the amazing Unfolded community this year and I must say you’re a bloody lovely bunch! I’m so happy to have you all with us on this mission to fix the broken fashion industry. 

A little extra highlight that we haven’t shared yet - appearing on the ITV news in Scotland just before Christmas! Thanks to the lovely Rachel for joining us. 🎥



So thank you so much for being part of Unfolded in 2023 - I can’t wait to show you Collection 09 in a couple of weeks and create some seriously positive impact with you in 2024. 

Here’s to fixing the broken fashion industry! 


Cally - CEO & Co-Founder

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