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Affordable and conscious? Here's how it works.

Affordable and conscious? Here's how it works.

At This is Unfolded we work in a different way to traditional retailers which allows us to make really great quality clothes and sell them to you at an amazing price.

We’re so proud of the quality we’re able to offer you and the value we provide so let us tell you more about how we do that!

Customer Opinions

The first way that we make efficiencies in our model is making sure we’re only offering products that our customers want to buy. We gather customer opinions on dozens of potential designs before we come to the final line-up that we’ll offer for each limited edition collection which means that we’re only making styles that really resonate with our shoppers and helps us avoid committing to fabrics for styles that won’t work.

Buying Model - Factory to Consumer

As we only start making products when orders are placed, there are huge cost savings and efficiencies in our model. By not overproducing, we don’t have to factor in a ‘write off’ of stock which enables us to offer lower prices to you. As products are made for your orders and then shipped directly to you we also save on costs related to store costs, warehousing and logistics.

Pricing Model and Margin

The typical retailer has to factor in huge markdowns to the price of their clothing. When a typical retailer is pricing a style, they will be taking into account the discounts that they’ll have to make on the end of a line.

We estimate that if you were buying products of the same quality from a traditional retailer, you’d be paying more like £42 for our dresses and £30 for our tops and our great quality basics would probably set you back £16.

Of course, we could increase our prices and you’d still be getting great value for high quality clothes but we believe that offering clothes at an accessible pricing is a vitally important part of creating long term change. This is why we sell clothes at a price that’s similar to the high street brands you might normally shop with. For us, it’s important that clothes that do good are attainable for as many shoppers as possible.

Our focus is on reducing all the waste in the traditional retail model and this means we can provide a better deal to everyone involved.




We know that you might be thinking ‘of course they say that their quality is good value…’ so here’s what our Collection 01 customers said...

“Excellent value for limited edition clothes with great customer support as well.” Maria, Trustpilot

“Really loved the quality of the clothes. This is the way to shop for clothing in the future. High quality, sustainable, cost effective and helping others.” Cathleen, Trustpilot

“The clothes are excellent quality especially for the price.” Linda, Trustpilot

“The Breton top just feels amazing quality too. Need to go find a pub garden now to have an excuse to wear them Amazing value too!!” Michelle, Facebook

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