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Curated by Community

Curated by Community

This is Unfolded is all about removing waste from the traditional retail model. This starts with designing limited collections complete with pieces that we know our customers are going to love. In a normal retailer, fashion designers can come up with endless design ideas, producing hundreds of styles in the hope that some are popular, and the knowledge that most of them won't be.
We're not about producing clothes that will end up going to waste, so we do things differently here. Enter our Unfolded Creators...



Coming together in an exclusive Facebook group, hundreds of real shoppers like you have their say in creating our collections, on everything from ideas and initial sketches to the final line up. It begins with black and white CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawings, then they vote on colours and prints to narrow down the ideas to our final line up. 


Our creators are always there to help with dilemmas, like whether or not to add a pocket to our Sarah striped top. But not only that, our Creator Group is a place for our community. When Collection 01 arrived, we loved seeing hundreds of real people showing off their new Unfolded looks, swapping items that weren't quite right for them, and sharing endless compliments to make everyone feel fantastic. 



Someone even called our Creator Group the "happiest place on the internet" - and we couldn't agree more! 




Want to become an Unfolded Creator? Order from Collection 02 now and you'll receive your invitation to join and help us shape the future of the fashion industry.

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