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Our Creators

Our Creators

The traditional approach of designing hundreds of different styles in the hope that some of them sell out does not work. 30% of clothing produced never gets sold, and 50% gets discounted to lure shoppers into buying it, shifting the responsibility onto the shopper. 

It’s not good for the consumer, for the environment or the workers who create our clothes. 

That’s not how we do things with This is Unfolded. 

When we first started, we knew we wanted to begin with a community of real shoppers, and so we gathered 100 amazing people who have helped us design our first collection of 14 products. 

Designing is collaborative, and we work with these ‘Creators’ to get feedback at every design stage; on styles, prints and materials, ultimately shaping the final collection we put in front of you. 

The feedback they provide is then utilised alongside leading trend analysis and insights and our designers experience. 

Our Creators have helped us every step of the way. They’ve advised on shapes and colours, on ruffles or no ruffles. So many of our choices came from chatting with them, that each piece in the collection is named after them. 

Once you’ve bought from us, you can join the community and we’d love your feedback on our next collection. Hopefully at some point one of our products will be named after you if you’d like. 

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