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Picnic season styling

Picnic season styling

with @styleandmakaroni.

The sun has finally made an appearance, and if you're lucky enough to be experiencing the heatwave, you're probably in a panic trying to remember how to get dressed into an outfit that doesn't involve joggers. 

It's time for our skin to feel the sun and, perhaps somewhat reluctantly, peel off those worn out sweats you've been wearing since October. Picnic season is approaching and there's one piece in particular from Collection 01 of This is Unfolded that will create the look you've been dreaming of. 


The Susie dress is the ultimate summer picnic dress. Its vibrant green colour highlights that luscious green grass that you'll pop your checked blanket on and set up camp for the afternoon. Its wrap style and tie waist mean there's plenty of room for indulging in proper picnic snacks. We're thinking chocolate covered strawberries, fresh bread, cold meats and plenty of fizz, maybe a sausage roll or two... or three... I digress. Plus its mini length means your legs can catch the sun, although we might need to add a few layers of St. Tropez before we leave the house.


(Photo credit: @styleandmakaroni)


Alexandra (@styleandmakroni) was one of the first to wear this stand-out piece from our first collection. Here's what she thought of our mission:

"Clothes that change the world are the best sort of clothes This is Unfolded has created that change! With This is Unfolded the clothes only get made once you place an order. This means that there is no waste generated from clothes that aren't wanted and end up in landfill – this happens to around 30% of current high street products.

This saves money, and they use it to change lives. This is Unfolded partner with amazing organisations and make a positive impact. With Collection 01, they have partnered with Pratham and every purchase supports a child in education for 4 months.

At This is Unfolded, workers are paid better because they work with top rated factories and also provide additional payments to workers through the Unfolded Worker Fund."


(Photo credit: @styleandmakaroni)


Thank you Alexandra! Make sure you follow her @styleandmakaroni on Instagram for more summer styling inspiration.

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