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The Fold Issue 36 - The One With the 50% off Sustainable Sale

Sustainable Fashion Sale - Up to 50% Off

Hey Unfolders, 

Hope you’ve had a great week so far…

Today is a super exciting copy of The Fold - cause it’s the one where I get to launch the Unfolded up to 50% off 10 day Archive Sale! 

What is an Archive Sale I hear you ask? Well it’s when we sell off the few remaining from previous Unfolded collections with up to 50% off…  

But Cally - I thought the whole idea of Unfolded is you only produce after people order? 

Correct but we always make a couple extra to handle any potential problems that come up and despite our return rate being a third of the industry standard we still have some items that come back! These are checked, repacked and put back in the Archive Sale!

Sustainable Fashion Sale

As there are some styles with just a couple of products available we’ve introduced a size filter on this page to help you find something you’ll love! 

This is very much a very come first served sale and we expect the most popular styles to go v  quickly! Prices start from £10. 

Shop the Up to 50% Off Archive Sale here!

Alongside this we’ve had some amazing entries to our Collection 07 photo competition in the Unfolded Creators Group! If you’ve not entered (or joined the group yet) then what are you waiting for! You’ll find a couple of amazing images attached to this email. 

Any questions don’t hesitate to let us know, 


Ps. Fancy some grim reading? The Daily Record have just done a report on the waste from Fast Fashion. Read it here. It’s great to see this horrible industry being under the spotlight and hopefully this will make people think even more about their clothes! 

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