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4 reasons
people love shopping with Unfolded

This is Unfolded is entirely changing the broken fashion industry. We remove the waste normally created by fashion brands and use the money saved to make support kids in education - all whilst offering you great prices.

In the last 12 months over 10,000 women have joined our community and funded over 3,000 children in education for the next 12 months.

Here are 4 reasons people love This is Unfolded and you will as well...

1. Design Clothes You'll Love

To help reduce waste, we design every item directly with our amazing community of shoppers. You get to give feedback at every stage of the process so that together, we can design clothes that you're going to love. From the shape of each piece to the prints and colours - with This is Unfolded your voice really matters! We even name the products after the people who designed them.

2. Access All Areas - Real Community

It wouldn’t be collaborative design without sneak peeks would it?! We take you behind the scenes to show you initial designs, samples, fit sessions, photoshoots - you name it, you get access to it when you shop with This is Unfolded. One of our favourite parts?

A photoshoot with our community for every collection! Everyone you see here took part in the last one...

Join 10,000+ women on our waitlist for the next collection and change the world with your clothes!

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Thanks - our new collection is coming soon, in the meantime we'll ask for your input on what we should make and share stories about the impact of Unfolded.

3. Sustainable + Affordable Fashion  

Around 30/40% of the cost of clothes from other brands is to cover the waste they produce. As we've removed the waste from the process we use the savings made to use sustainable fabrics, pay higher wages to workers, fund children in education and give you a great deal! Our prices are normally under £50 - much more affordable than most sustainable brands.

4. Really Make a Difference  

You get to meet the amazing people who you helped by deciding to shop in a better way. This month our community got to hear the story of Tania, a 9 year old girl in Delhi India, they funded to learn to read and write - just by buying amazing clothes in a different way! As one member said - "I'm so happy I cried...'

Collection 05 launches soon - don't miss out! Plus join the waitlist before the 25th of August for the chance to win £250 to spend with This is Unfolded.

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