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People love shopping with us

This is Unfolded is entirely changing the broken fashion industry. We remove the waste normally created by fashion brands and use the money saved to make positive impact in the world - all whilst offering you a great price. In the last 12 months over 10,000 women have joined our community and made an impact in the world.  

Here’s 4 things people love about Unfolded - and we think you will too...

You design our Clothes

To help reduce waste, we design every item directly with our community. You get to give us feedback at every stage of the process so that together, we can design a collection that you're going to love. From the shape of each piece to the prints and colours - with This is Unfolded your voice really matters!

Exclusive sneak peeks and first looks

It wouldn’t be collaborative design without sneak peeks would it?! We take you behind the scenes to show you initial designs, samples, fit sessions, photoshoots - you name it, you get access to it as part of the Unfolded community. One of our favourite parts? A photoshoot dedicated to you and our community! We get several of you along to model our new collection before it’s available to shop.

join our community and Change the world

Exclusive access

As you designed the collection of course you get to shop it first. Our collections are super limited and once it’s gone - it's gone. By joining the community you get early access to shop your favourites and make sure you get the items you really love in every collection.

Swapping community

As part of the community you also get exclusive access to our swapping platform - allowing you to swap an item in your order with someone else in the community if you don't love it. We pay for the postage and you ensure nothing is wasted through returns.

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join our community -
and Change the world