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Affordable, sustainable clothes -
How This is Unfolded has changed the model

When we started This is Unfolded we asked 300 shoppers what stopped them buying sustainable clothes more often.

83% of them said: price!

We're in a cost-of-living crisis as well as an environmental crisis. Everyone wants to shop more sustainably - but a lot of people can’t afford to buy sustainable clothes, when they have to pay nearly £100 for an environmentally friendly top. And with the economy getting worse, the cost of living on the rise and the effects of climate change having direct impact on our wallets - the number of people who can afford to pay more for ethical shopping is getting even smaller!

The cost of sustainable shopping

A lot of sustainable brands still operate the traditional retail model and as such have to have a high mark up to cover the costs of overproduction, their high returns or expensive marketing to justify their higher costs (it’s a weird cycle!)

With This is Unfolded we have designed a new approach to sustainable clothes production and eco-friendly shopping. We can remove waste from the process, cut over-production and make sustainable and affordable clothes. We can make sustainable clothes an option for the 83% of people who told us they want to buy sustainable fashion - but can’t afford to.

How This is Unfolded can create sustainable clothes that cost less

We have turned the retail model on its head, and that is how our clothes that do good cost less. This is because we:

  • Remove the waste from overproduction.
  • Design every item with in-depth feedback from thousands of women.
  • No warehousing costs from product sitting on shelves.
  • Pick and pack happens directly at our factory - reducing costs hugely
  • Shipped directly to you - so no import duties.

All this - plus every purchase funds children in education and pays higher wages to workers. It’s still not perfect - but by changing the model and making sustainable clothes more afforadble, it means more people can make eco-friendly fashion choices. Good for the planet, good for workers - good for you!

Sustainable shopping that does good

We focus our positive impact on changing the lives of the people where we make our sustainable clothes - near Delhi in India.

To do this we’ve partnered with Pratham, an amazing charity who are the leader in supporting children in education in India and have been since 1995.

Improving education provides the biggest positive impact in the communities where our clothes are made.

Every item bought from This is Unfolded supports a child in education with Pratham - your sustainable shopping makes a difference directly to children's lives. This is the new model of shopping ethically!

Ready to make a change?

Join 10,000+ women on our waitlist for the next collection and change the world with your clothes...

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"I love This is Unfolded! I’ve bought items from all four collections and wear them loads. Love the waste reduction and that they support the garment workers. The clothes look great too and it’s so great to find ethical clothes that are affordable."


"Sseeing this has made me so invested in the dress and in you! I love it!

I can see that the people who work for you are in a nice environment. Now when I get my dress I will value it's production that bit more. Thank you!"


"So pleased to have found your brand - been looking for sustainble and ethical but fashionable clothing at an affordable price for SO LONG.

My order will be incoming soon! Thanks for the work you do - so important!


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