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5 ways shopping with us
changes the world

The clothing industry is the second biggest polluting industry in the world.

Every year as an industry it creates more emissions than the UK, Germany and France... combined!

At the centre of this is the fact that 30% of clothes made are never sold - a huge amount of wasted energy and resources. This waste also ensures garment workers are paid lower wages to make up for the financial impact.

This is Unfolded removes this waste and makes a better world with the savings - here's how and why you should join us.

1. Sustainable Production

Most brands will look at sustainability just as the fabric of their clothes - we think it’s about a lot more than that. The fashion retail model isn’t sustainable, 30% of clothes are never sold and many often end up being sent straight to landfill - it doesn’t matter what they’re made of if this is the case!

With This is Unfolded we design every item in collaboration with over 1,500 customers and then only make your clothes after taking orders, allowing us to remove this 30% wastage in the process.

2. Changing Lives With Every Order

With the money saved by removing waste you help to change a life through Pratham, our charity partner.

With every purchase they fund a child in India in education for a set period. Amazing new dress for you - a child supported in education for 2 months!

Over 2,000 children have been funded in education for the next 12 months by This is Unfolded purchases so far and we're just getting started!

Our next collection is launching soon.

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3. Higher Wages For Garment Workers

Due to the waste in production garment workers are often paid very low wages. We pay the workers at our partner factories higher wages through the Unfolded Worker Fund from the savings made through removing over production. This isn’t just paid to the workers working on our products but to all the workers in the factories, even those working on clothes for big name brands.

4. Sustainable and Affordable

Even with paying workers higher wages and creating positive impact in the communities where our clothes are made This is Unfolded is focused on offering you great prices - why?

Cause we know that's vital to ensure long lasting change in the world and convince enough people to shop differently.

5. A Positive Community

When you buy from This is Unfolded you're invited to join our private online community 'The Creators'. Here you'll be able to help us design the next collection, swap items with others (we pay the postage for your first swap), get styling tips from professional stylists, get invited to our photoshoots and see how others are styling the items you have. It's been described as 'the happiest place on the internet'! This community further removes waste and helps everyone with getting the most from their items.

Our next collection is launching soon.

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and change the world with your clothes

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