The Community

Change can only happen if we work together and create a movement. 

For this we’re building a real community, a group of people who want to change the world the same way we do. 

If 2020 taught us anything it’s that we know we can do more if we do it together. Not just locally – we mean globally...

Designing with our community

Reducing waste relies on creating beautiful clothing that real people look amazing in. We do this by designing our collection in collaboration with you.

The very start of our design process finds us speaking to our Creators about what clothes they want to see. 

Our Creators give feedback at every design stage; on styles, prints and materials, ultimately shaping the final collection we put in front of you. In recognition of the key role they play, we name our clothes after the people who help to bring them to life. 

For Collection 02, over 200 amazing shoppers have helped us design 10 products over the past few weeks. 

We further reduce waste together

In the UK, 350,000 tonnes of clothes go into landfills each year, and returns impact this number massively. We’re focusing on how, together, we can change our nation’s returns mindset for the better, and we're doing it through community. 

Our community is a place for swapping over returning. It’s an approach we’re passionate about, as returns so often result in landfill and waste. 

We know everything might not fit perfectly, or you might not like every item in your Edit. That's why we offer free postage to send any one item to someone else; from a friend to someone in the swap community, or to one of our partner charities.

You'll find lots of people swapping and sharing their clothes from This is Unfolded or their wider wardrobe. It's a whole new way of making the most of what you live and trading what you don't. We believe that every piece can find someone who loves it and can make the most of it.

We make decisions together

We bring important decisions to the community to help us drive long term change – this might be to ask about new initiatives, changes to packaging and everything in between

We support each other

From styling tips and advice, to updates from our charity partner, it’s a supportive place for chatting, swapping, and sharing.

Buy your first Edit and we’ll send you joining details in your order confirmation.

Community is everything for us. Shape how we do things together.