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30% of new clothes produced every year are never sold

New, unsold clothes end up being sent straight to landfill or destroyed. 80 billion new items of clothing will be produced this year - 24 billion are just wasted!

This is what makes fashion the second biggest polluting industry in the world - accounting for nearly 10% of global carbon emissions every year.

And this number is growing!

This is Unfolded makes clothes without this waste. We use the savings created to pay workers better, fund children in education - and offer you affordable sustainable clothes.

This is Unfolded: shopping with a conscience.

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Items of cloting will have been dumped due to overproduction

How we make clothes matters

Traditional brands are based on guesswork and over-production. They build in high margins to allow for the waste this creates.

This approach is what drives huge amounts of waste and creates so much damage to our planet - brands and retailers chasing profits!

It’s also why garment worker wages are so low!

At This is Unfolded we remove the waste from the process by designing with our community of shoppers and only producing after you order.

Yes, it means you wait a little longer for your order - but it's better for everyone involved!

This approach means This is Unfolded is better for the planet, better for workers and better for you!

Better for the planet

1. Nothing sent to landfill 

2. Sustainable materials 

3. Carbon offset

Better for workers

1. Higher wages 

2. Children funded in education around our factories

Better for you

1. Clothes you'll actually love

2. Great value sustainable clothes

3. Transparent approach

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