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Sustainable shopping events with This is Unfolded

One of the best things about This is Unfolded is our community. That's not just something we say - it's mentioned again and again by our customers; by you!

"One of my favourite things about you: our community!" - Michelle

We have a fantastically engaged community, taking part in all stages of the process of making This is Unfolded clothes. And now we're not just doing online - we love to meet you all in person too. There are several opportunities to get together with This is Unfolded and our fantastic community face to face; find out more about our upcoming events.

Customer days

Every time we launch a new sustainable collection of clothes, we invite our customers to join us for a day of getting to know the new pieces. They preview what is coming up, try it on, tell us what they love about them - and they do some fantastic modelling, complete with professional hair, make-up and photography.

It’s always incredible to see the collection come to life with the people who helped us design it. And all our clothes are named after people in our community, so joining us for a customer day is a great chance to get your name on an eco-friendly dress or some sustainable dungarees. How cool is that?

Every piece in our collection is designed in collaboration with our community. On our customer day, we're joined by people who have provided feedback on the styles, shapes and prints throughout the design process - and now they get to see 'their' clothes in real life. Want to join us for the next shoot? Sign up to our mailing list to get the invite ahead of our next collection!

Our next events

These are just some of our upcoming events:

  • This is Unfolded sustainable shopping meetup - London - date TBA
  • Styling tips from Laura - online / Facebook live - date TBA
  • Swap network launch - online - date TBA
  • This is Unfolded comes to Brighton - date TBA
  • Customer day photoshoot for Collection 06 - Scotland - date TBA

Keen on joining us for any of them? Sign up here!

Sustainable shopping that does good


Every item bought from This is Unfolded supports a child in education with Pratham - your sustainable shopping makes a difference directly to children's lives. This is the new model of shopping ethically! At our customer events, we make sure to give you updates about how we work with the team on the ground in India.

All this - plus every purchase funds children in education and pays higher wages to workers. It’s still not perfect - but by changing the model and making sustainable clothes more afforadble, it means more people can make eco-friendly fashion choices. Good for the planet, good for workers - good for you!

Find out about our next event now

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Thanks! We'll let you know what's happening next. In the meantime, have a look at our latest collection and shop sustainably with This is Unfolded.

"A fantastic innovative brand that includes customers in the designing of each collection. Providing education for children through partnerships. What's not to like?"


"My favourite clothing brand ATM. I love the online community this brand has created! Everyone is very kind to each other and the swaps look like great fun, and a wonderful way to reduce waste."

Polly K

"I love the ethos of this company. They've facilitated a community of people who love their clothing and want to shop sustainably. Customer service is top notch"

K Pettigrove

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