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We currently work with one factory based near Noida in Delhi. As our work develops we will look to expand this and have 3 other factories lined up to work with us using the same demand led model.

Our factory is a member of Sedex. 

Sedex is short for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. The Sedex database is a widely recognised online platform where registered companies openly share information about their social and ethical performance. 

Membership demonstrates that work is compliant with the principles of ethically and socially sustainable production methods. Additionally, the platform produces valuable insights into labour conditions. The Sedex platform has a significant positive impact on the improvement of ethically responsible business practices across the entire value chain. All the cutting waste at the factory is sold to recyclers who use it to make rugs, cords. Nothing goes to landfills, everything gets used up

We want you to know where you clothes come from and over the coming collections we’ll share more information about our factories, provide interviews with workers and show you the impact we’re having. 

We believe that fashion should be used for good and this has to start with the workers making the products. With this in mind we’ve committed to using the efficiencies in our model to have a positive impact on the lives of workers involved in This is Unfolded and their wider communities, done through the work of Pratham.  

Alongside this though we’ve also created the Unfolded Worker Fund. 

Whilst we’ve selected to work only with factories that pay good wages to their staff compared to some organisations, our size and the fact that the factory we work with, also produces clothes for other brands means that we can’t increase wages directly. 

Instead, through the Unfolded Worker Fund, we pay a bonus to all staff at our partner factory after each collection has been delivered. For Collection 2 this will see workers receive circa 1,000 rupees in extra pay. 

Over time, we aim to see this rise significantly, driven by our growth and further efficiencies in our marketing and returns rates.