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This is Unfolded is a brand unlike most others. We make clothes better - and we do that with your input. We involve our customers in the whole process, from ideas to design.

Once you shop from us, you’ll be invited to join the Creator Group on Facebook, where we have discussions about upcoming collections, sneak peeks of the designs we’re working on, and lots of style chat.

Even if you’re not a member, or if you haven’t bought from us yet, we’d still love to hear what you think. We love our community and we love hearing your feedback: the good, the bad, the game-changing ideas. Tell us what you think!

What patterns and prints do you love? Do you want pockets? Buttons? Belts? We want to make good clothes that make you feel good - so we need to know what makes you tick!

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What do you think of Collection 04?

What is important to you when it comes to sustainable shopping?

How can we make the swap process better?

Are there other types of products you'd like us to include in future collections?

What items should we start working on for Collection 05?

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