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The fashion industry is killing our planet...

This year it's estimated that 30% of new clothes made won’t be sold = 24 billion items of clothing being made and just wasted!

Making these clothes will generate 3% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.

Enough is enough!

It’s time to build a better way to make clothes without this waste.

That's what thousands of our customers are now doing with This is Unfolded - we make clothes without the waste and use the savings to do good in the world!

All of our clothes are designed in collaboration with these women. Last year we had 100 women helping us design clothes - now over 3,500 help design every new Unfolded style.

We then only start making the clothes after people place their order - allowing us to match supply against demand.

This approach allows us to remove the waste from the process and make clothes that are better for the planet.

With the savings created we offer you sustainable clothes at affordable prices, pay garment workers higher wages and fund children who live in the surroning communities to our factories to learn to read and write.

What’s not to love?

Some of the amazing women who help design every item from Unfolded!  

Loved by thousands of women and

Every order you make supports a child to learn to read and write.

In the past 16 months shoppers like you have funded over 3,500 kids in education.

10,000+ women in the UK shop from Unfolded - rating us 4.9* on Trustpilot!

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